Our historic airfield

Construction on Rougham Airfield, officially known as RAF Bury St Edmunds, commenced in 1941 and work was completed in the following year. It comprised of three runways, the main tracking East/West with a 2000 yard length, along with two additional intersecting runways, two hangers, technical and personnel buildings.

In September 1942 the airfield opened, and was used by the United States Army Air Force as a bomber base until it was returned to the Royal Air Force in December 1945.

Today, although the concrete runways and hardstandings were broken up and the land returned to agricultural use, the control tower, hangers and some of the technical buildings remain, forming part of the Rougham Industrial Estate.

Successful Students

Great Oakley 2010-2013

  • Michael Green
  • Peter Barnard
  • Michael Soar
  • Mike Biddulph
  • Andy Warburton
  • Danny Bradshaw
  • Howard Price
  • Ian Johnson
  • Mike Ashton
  • Shane Rolin
  • Brain Murray (IMC)


Rougham 2014 ~

  • Mike Bateson 2014
  • Heather Wankowska 2015
  • Francois Cilliers 2015
  • David Shaw 15/6/15
  • Robert Hinton 9/8/15
  • Matthew Jewers 9/8/15
  • Gary Sallows 7/9/15
  • Adrian Addison 13/9/15
  • David Calver 22/2/16
  • James Sharp 6/6/16
  • Simon Dray 18/7/16 (Revalidation)
  • Mark Streatfield 18/7/16
  • Martin Howe 24/7/16
  • Edward Spurrier 14/8/16 (Revalidation)



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